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DEEP EARTH is a new monthly series by COPPICE HALIFAX, serving as a record of my explorations with live electronic music produced on retrograde hardware and special analog equipment. No computers, no boundaries - freedom with and without. For the very first time, I'm offering the option of a subscription service for the entirety of DEEP EARTH, however long and tangential it may become.

Subscribers will receive:

1. Digital downloads of every DEEP EARTH release from May 2015-May 2016. No matter when you subscribe, the entire catalog up to the present moment will be available to you.

2. A 15% discount on all physical items from the DEEP EARTH catalog. Unlike prior series at Milieu Music, DEEP EARTH will not necessarily be confined to a single format. Standard 5" CD-R, 3" CD-R, "business card" CD-R and cassette are all possible terrain for DEEP EARTH music to exist on. Like a scouting report from an expedition of explorers, the DEEP EARTH releases may vary in length from month to month on their physical counterparts, although the digital releases will all remain uniform in length (plus or minus 20 minutes).

3. Immediate download of a selection of COPPICE HALIFAX releases that serve as a precursor to the DEEP EARTH concept and sound palette. (1983 / Bedroom Carpet / Cedar Mast Reduced / Inland By Night)

4. Exclusive access to downloadable outtakes from the recording sessions, as well as bonus remixes/versions made by myself or by other like-minded musicians (surprises are always fun!).

5. A special CD-R release called ANTAŬPAROLO, which canonically appears prior to the DEEP EARTH catalog and sets the atmosphere for what is to follow. ANTAŬPAROLO will not be available outside of the subscription for it's duration, digitally or otherwise, and your CD-R will be mailed to you within 2 weeks of joining the subscription (US customers pay no shipping, UK/ROW pay a small shipping fee that is bundled with your subscription fee at the time of purchase).

What you get:

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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.
Deep Earth
Dayton, Ohio


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A O Brian is one of the most forward thinking, outside the box artists making music today. He can 'sound' any way he likes and it sounds good but he is going a step beyond into the unknown on this venture. Support gives him the freedom to do so and the subscriber the gift of being a part of it.

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